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  • Heather Felton and Denise Gorss are now friends
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  • Pamela Tremblay uploaded a new avatar
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  • Denise Gorss How is your Lent going?
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  • Kristen Mullen
    Group Publications has developed an online training program for volunteers. I could so take advantage of a Catholic version of this! It is so hard to keep Catechists trained and on the same page. People are so busy.
    profile 53 days ago
  • Robert Layer I am looking for some resources to prepare a 5 year old girl to be baptized. Does anyone have any suggestions? I looked on the loyola press site and could not find anything suitable.
    profile 76 days ago
  • Sabatini Monatesti
    Saint Mary’s Church Berwick,, along with members of the community will launch our Year of Evangelization Program, with Father Barron’s new DVD series, “Catholicism: The New Evangelization,” February 13. As I started my review and refection on the material presented in the video, I became aware of the need to use media in a different way. I also became more aware of the conflict the secular world presents.

    I began to compile the following questions. Maybe DRE Connect is a good forum to begin a discussion on these questions. I would like to leverage this media to aid in my formation and understanding of the impact these dichotomies have on our mission, so that I could better meet the religious education needs of our community, and thus prepare them for their task of evangelization. I present the questions below for your consideration and feedback:

    • Have we reached a stage in our nation’s history where we now emulate the arrogance of the Roman Empire by accepting the status quo?

    • In our society, do hubris, greed and lust take precedence over love, acceptance, generosity, beauty and truth?

    • In our society, do power, control and wealth take precedence over values, ethics and morals?

    • In our society, do unbridled capitalism, productivity and technology take precedence over helping the poor, upward mobility and human dignity?

    • In our society, do spying, obfuscation and tyranny take precedence over liberty, confidentiality and freedom?

    • Has our congress decided to emulate the Roman Empire to satisfy their need to win the “king-of-the-hill” game at any cost?

    • Has congress accepted the “winner-take-all” mindset that leaves the citizen to deal with the growing opportunity, healthcare and inequality gaps?

    • Are we on the brink of a Middle America disaster that fosters the growth of poverty through regulation, law and inaction?

    • Do we witness, without accountability, children as soldiers and slaves, climate change, poverty and blight, crumbling infrastructure, CIA and NSA missteps, financial failure, educational decay, and natural resource disasters?

    • In our secular, multicultural society, are we hypocrites who attempt to institutionalize morality and ethical behavior rather than practice it?

    • Does it appear that we hide behind issues, such as, healthcare, immigration, drugs and abortion while “Rome” burns and 21st century progress stagnates?

    • How long will it take to pay back the trillions of dollars misused on ten plus years of war overseas, social security IOUs, the failed war on drugs, and middle class losses (e.g., due to outsourcing of jobs)?

    • Who benefits by these wars and missteps? Who are the winners and losers? Have soldiers and families, along with workers paid the price? How much sacrifice did we see from the 1%?

    What do the dichotomies introduced above say about human nature and the destructive beliefs, focus, priorities and values of our culture? As Father Barron said, and I paraphrase here, does our cultural path forward represent the rapid flow of the river or the sanguine nature of the lake? Deacon Owen from the North East said, again I paraphrase, we are called to be a mission church but we may have become a maintenance church. Father Barron might say we evangelize through joy. I welcome your thoughts.
    profile 78 days ago
  • Christian So we had the last Catechism class of the year last night. No party, but candy etc. is ok. I brought two bags of chocolate and a bag of bagels. They ate half of the chocolate and I ran short of bagels. Next year one bag of chocolate; two bags of bagels.
    profile 121 days ago