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Autumn and the Spiritual Journey

by Chris Sullivan

autumn leavesThe natural course of the seasons can mirror the movements within our spiritual lives, and we needn’t be in mid-life by our calendar years to find ourselves in an autumnal season as we walk with the Lord. We come to autumn at any age. Autumn is a time of transition—green turning to gold, brown and blonde fading to gray. Autumn is the season for reaping. The fields are high. Our work is yielding its fruit. The grain is ripe for the harvest. We have become good at our jobs and built careers. Our families are growing or grown. We ourselves are ripening to wisdom.


The Spiritual Life of Catechists, Part 4: Dedication to the Evangelizing Mission of the Church

by Joyce Donahue

This is the fourth article in a series about the spiritual life of catechists, inspired by the list of characteristics in the National Directory for Catechesis.

catechist reading to childrenIn the film The Blues Brothers, the main characters, trying to raise money to keep their Catholic school open, proclaim: “We’re on a mission from God!” That’s not a bad motto for any Catholic. Like Jake and Elwood, all of us are on a mission: to evangelize.

Go and Make Disciples (USCCB, 1992) cites Pope Paul VI, who wrote that, “The Church exists to evangelize.” The bishops continue, defining evangelization: “At its essence are the proclamation of salvation in Jesus Christ and the response of a person in faith.” (10–11)


Promoting Catholic Identity, Part 1: A Sense of Sacramentality

by Darcy Osby

candles and person praying the rosaryThe purpose of our catechesis is not simply to teach facts about the Catholic faith, but to pass on the Catholic faith. It is not enough for our children to know about Catholicism or go through the motions of being Catholic without identifying themselves as Catholic. Our identity is the orientation of our lives, our sense of who we are and our place in the world. If we want our children to fall in love with the Catholic faith and remain committed to it throughout their lives, we must foster in them a sense of Catholic identity so that the thought of losing their faith would mean losing a major part of themselves. This series will explore five characteristics of Catholic identity and how we can nurture those in our children.


Teaching about God’s Gift of Forgiveness this Catechetical Sunday

by Abigail Ulbrich

hug of forgivenessThe theme for Catechetical Sunday 2014 is “Teaching about God’s Gift of Forgiveness.” Explore this theme by taking a closer look at the Scripture readings for Catechetical Sunday.

Instructions: Invite a volunteer to read each of the Sunday readings for your group, and then reflect on them with the below thoughts and questions.